• Imperfect People - Saved by Grace: There are no perfect people here, only

       the worship of a perfect Savior. In every way that fallen man is tempted with

       sin and the flesh, so is everyone of our church members. However, as

      Christians we are forgiven, redeemed and filled with the Spirit of God in which

      produces in His people a love for God’s glory, desire to be more like Christ and

      a newfound hatred of indwelling sin. It is as Charles Spurgeon has declared;

      “If I had never joined a church till I had found one that was perfect, I should

      never have joined one at all; and the moment I did join it, if I had found one,

       I should have spoiled it, for it would not have been a perfect church after I

      had become a member of it. Still, imperfect as it is, it is the dearest place on

      earth to us.” The church is not for people who think they are righteous, it is

      for a people who know that they are not. So welcome!


  • A Singing People: Every Sunday we sing four to five worship songs together.

       These songs typically representing both the old and new within church music

       history (praise, worship and hymns). We believe that singing is to serve as an

       expression of our teaching and our learning further truths concerning Jesus

       Christ and the Gospel, therefore, we with purposeful intention seek music

       which possesses high theological truth and instruction. However, our worship

       flows from our response to the truths we sing as well, therefore, we also seek

       to sing joyfully and in gratitude as we make declaration of the God worthy of

       all our worship and joy-filled praise. Meaning, we seek to worship God in both

       spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24). While we use instruments within our services

       our greatest and most cherished instrument are our voices. We desire for

       nothing to distract and drown out this reality, however, serve as tools merely in

       inviting others to simply sing with voices lifted high (Psalm 96:1-3).


  • A People Committed to God’s Word: On Sunday mornings, we prioritize

       preaching that explains the Bible and exults Jesus Christ above all. Hopefully, you will notice two values which surface           over and again from our preachers: high theology and high transparency. Meaning, we desire to focus our attention

       on the scripture itself, teaching the biblical text clearly, accurately, and deeply (high theology). But we also want to be             transparent about how the Biblical text has impacted our lives and challenged us to follow Jesus Christ as well (high               transparency). Our prayer is that our preaching helps establish a robust knowledge, love and desire for more of God’s           Word being on full display in our services and not the all too unhealthy norm of many churches focusing upon less of             scripture. Here at Crossroad, you’ll hear us talk about the Gospel a lot! You will also notice we are constantly                 

       dependent on the power of the gospel for personal transformation and growth. Therefore, our hope is that you will               hear and learn far more concerning the good news of the Gospel, rather than the mere receiving of good advice and or         entertainment laden speeches with no real biblical depth, context and substance.


  • A People Happy to See Each Other: You will notice church members coming early for coffee, conversation and prayer. You may even notice many sticking around after the service just to enjoy community together. You will hear babies crying and little feet scampering around. We love our church’s children and their presence to us is a gift and a reminder that our church is growing. Furthermore, we hope you will find Crossroad a warm, down to earth and welcoming people. Therefore, grab a cup a coffee, a cookie or two, feel free to join others in prayer together in the prayer room and or simply catch up with people in the foyer or over a meal together after Sunday’s services. A great reason why our church does not have Sunday evening services is to allow these realities to be made possible on any given Sunday as an expression of our worship together (in homes, over a shared meal and in fellowship with other church families and or visitors). Therefore, it is "on purpose" and by design that we do not have Sunday evening services. Get together, share a meal, go to the park with another family/vistor, join a small group that meets on this night! Gather, rest, share and meet others. 

Sunday Morning Service Time:

Corporate Worship - 9:30 a.m

  • Nursery Available 


What Should You Wear?

Come as you are! We have folks who wear suits, ties, and dresses, as well as individuals who attend our services in pants, jeans, flannel shirts, and t-shirts. In whatever you choose to wear in your attendance, please seek modesty.


What Kind of Music Do We Sing?

We enjoy music representing the old and the new. We sing both old and new hymns as well as contemporary praise music. Most importantly, we desire for our music to be God-centered, Gospel saturated and theologically rich in content.


"Exalt the Lord, Equip the Saints, Proclaim Good News."


Phone #515-834-2626

E-mail: pastorkyle@crossroad-church.com

18923 365th St

Earlham, IA 50072

P.O BOX 218

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